Book Review: Wings of Ice by G. Bailey

Title of Book:  Wings of Ice (Protected by Dragons Book 1)

Author: G. Bailey

Main Character(s): Isola and the four dragon guards

First Published: March 2018

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Pages: 290

First Sentence: “Everything inside me screams as I run through the doors of the castle, seeing the dead dragons lining the floors, the view making me sick to my stomach.”

Last Sentence: “’No.  Now remember,’ she demands, and a white light blasts into my mind.”

Tag Line:  Ice Dragons and Fire Dragons clash in a prophecy driven adventure.

Story Line Overview:  Isola Dragonice is the last female ice dragon and the princess to the throne on Dragca.  She and Jace, her boyfriend (also the last male ice dragon other than her father), go to earth to live in hiding from the red dragons.  The red dragons (fire dragons) hold a grudge against the ice dragons.  Driven by prophecy, four red dragons are led to serve and protect Isola with their lives.

Although Isola is protected, Jace is not.  Jace is found by the red dragons and slaughtered.  Just before they get their hands on Isola, she manages to escape and is cast back into the world of Dragca.  Isola is constantly suffering from assassination attempts and thrown into life-threatening situations.  She and her dragon do not see eye to eye as Isola had not treated her dragon properly.  For her safety, the four red guards must teach Isola how to live in harmony with her dragon.

All goes well until the twist at the end when Isola is betrayed and her father is killed.

My review:   This story was different from other stories I have read.  Isola is surrounded by dragons but is isolated due to her ice abilities.  She has to learn how to stand on her own two feet and hold her ground against the other students at her school.  Isola battles against her inner feelings for her lost boyfriend and the consistent pull towards the four dragon guards.

I would recommend this story for anyone who loves a good romance intertwined with prophecy and shape shifting humanoids. 

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Happy reading my friends!

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