Developing Your WIP

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you begin to work on your WIP.

  1. Write the ending first. This gives you a goal to shoot for.
  2. Develop your antagonist and your protagonist with evident flaws (opposite from each other). Your characters grow as they travel through the plot.  They need to compliment each other.
  3. Develop your world before you begin. Think about government, religion, and settings before you start to write.  Pinterest is a great place to gather ideas.
  4. Keep it simple. If you start off with too many characters you may lose your reader.  Introduce your characters throughout the story and only highlight the necessities of the secondary and third leads.

Your story will change and mature as you write.  When planning, don’t lose focus.  Stick to your goal and work around the multiple plot points.  Think of your WIP as a puzzle.  You are the puzzle master and need to figure out where each piece fits the best.

Words of Motivation

Don’t give up.  Your hard work will pay off.  In the end, your story is your story.  Don’t let others influence your work.  Keep on truckin……….

Happy writing my friends!

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