Book Review: Final Sanctuary (The La Croix Chronicles) by Hope Bates

The Revenant City Series Book 1

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Title: Final Sanctuary (The La Croix Chronicles)

Author: Hope Bates

First Published: March 2018

Publisher: Author Academy Elite

Pages: 261

The Blurb: “Water is a necessity for life, but it is also the harbinger of death.”

First Sentence: “I hold my breath as the water begins to slow.”

Last Sentence: “I have a family, a whole family, and we are all ready to fight.”

Brielle La Croix, Bree for short, is thrust into the war between the sovereign territories.  Her mother is the catalyst for the rebellion against the tyranny of the sovereigns.  Water is a precious commodity.  Bree’s mother casts her out of Corain, the only sovereign territory she has ever known, and sends her on a journey to another sovereign territory, Albejit.  Bree escapes before hell breaks loose in Corain but she loses her mother in the process.  Final Sanctuary is the story of Bree’s search for her mother and the family she didn’t realize she had.

This plot is truly original.  Bates creates a world unique to itself.  There are a lot of elements and subplots which makes the storyline captivating.  Bree’s character is well developed and dynamic.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys The Revenant City Series, A Court of Thorns & Roses, and the Air Awakens Series.


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