Other Things to Consider When Developing Your Character

What makes your character unique and helps them to stand out from the thousand other characters your readers will meet in their lifetime?  What is it about your character that you want your reader to remember after they have finished your story?

Think about the people you meet in your life.  Pick out one of those people that really has impacted your development as a person.  What makes that person unique?   What is it about them that has made a permanent mark on your life?

Okay, so here’s another question.  Think about someone you met in the passing.  Was there anything special about them that made you remember them?  What was it?

When you develop your characters, you will have some that will stand out more so than others.  The ones that you want to make the most impact need the most detail.  Your main characters need to possess flaws.  For example, Ronan, one of the MCs in the Sanctorian Series plays the role of a big brother to the main female lead.  One of his flaws is that he is overly confident.  He thinks he is ready to take his father’s place as Chief of his clan.  When the time comes for him to pick up his father’s mantle, Ronan finds that he is lacking in many ways.  His opinion of himself falls as he goes through his plot’s conflict.  Ronan has eight brothers.  They are mentioned throughout the story, with some detail thrown in.  But they are secondary characters, and their impact on the reader is not as widely developed as Ronan’s.

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