Do I need a website as a published author?


Do I Really Need a Website?

Credibility!!!!!  If you want to be a credible author, you need a website where your readers can easily find you.  Your website is a part of your author platform.

Let me ask you this.  How do you plan to sell your work?  Are you going to go to social media and ask everyone on there to go buy your book?  What incentive would they have to buy your work?    If a stranger PM’d you on Facebook or posted on Twitter that they wanted you to buy their book, would you?  Probably not. And why not?  Because you are not sure what you are going to get in return.

For one, this is not the correct way to go about selling your work. Yes, you may make a few sells doing this.  But overall, they won’t account for much.  If you want to become a successful author, you need to build your author platform and make your brand known.

Build a follower base using your website.  I use WordPress as the cost is minimal and the functionality is easy to understand.  The statics are also easy to read.  In March 2018, was born.  This website represents my brand and helps to establish my credibility.

Author Website

Before you begin your own website, look up a couple of your favorite author’s sites to get ideas for how you want to set up your own.  Remember that your website represents you.  There is no limit to what you put on there.  The purpose of a website is to build your credibility and to drive traffic to your published works.

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