Off Grid

I have taken a hiatus for the past ten or so days as I try to finish up book 3 of the Sanctorian Series.  I have to admit, this one is harder to finish than I thought it would be.  I have been plagued with writer’s block for more than a week.  I knew where my players were and where they needed to go, but I was having trouble getting them there.

As a result, I will probably not publish this book this month.  But that is okay.  I would rather publish a good story that I am proud of than rush through just to meet a deadline.  Being bogged down with work and family life hasn’t helped either.

For anyone who knows me, you know that I love the spring and summer because it signals the beginning of gardening season.  Other than writing, gardening is one of my beloved hobbies.  I have found it to be very therapeutic over the past few days.

Anyway—-back to Book 3:

I feel the story is coming along and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Book 3 opens up the world of the Domura and their culture.  You will also get a glimpse at the political side of the Mantekai hierarchy.

Some readers may not like the direction I am going.  But that is all right.  I am more than 60,000 words into this novel and almost at the point of the climax.  By the time I hit the fall after the climax, I should have 85K to 90K words.

Still writing and trying to stay motivated……..


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