There are people in my head…….

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So I have read that when you get stuck with your writing you should do a writer sprint. Today for the first time I sprinted for the first draft. Although I didn’t get finished I was able to write more than 6000 words. I went downstairs afterwards and my husband asked me what was wrong. So I told him that there are people inside my head and I was having a hard time getting them out. He called me crazy before going on about his business. So now it is after midnight and I am having a problem turning the story off in my head. Don’t let anyone tell you that a writers life is easy. Cause it isn’t. Writers write because they have a story to tell. It is not always about the money or the number of books you sell. A writer writes because it is something they love to do. After all why spend your life doing something that doesn’t make you happy. Life is what you make. Take the cards you are given and play the best damn hand you can. Happy writing my friends.

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