A Professional Photo! What For?

People make snap judgments based on appearance. Don’t believe me?  Read the following example.

You go to the store to purchase a book.  Unless you know which book you are looking for, you go through the multitude of shelves browsing.  You don’t pick up every book and read it.  You judge which book you pick up by the book’s appearance (the cover). So if your cover has an impact on your brand’s sales then wouldn’t your author photograph.

Below is two covers for my first book.  One is professionally made and the other I created using Canva.com.  Of the two covers, which would you choose.  Each cover gives a different feel to the book.  Your answer depends on your judgment.


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Now let’s look at some pictures.

Here are three photos.  One is staged, one is a selfie, and one was taken when I was unaware.  Of the three, which do you feel would be the best fit to put on the back cover of my book?  If you were to pick up my book at the store with picture #2 or #3, would it influence your decision to purchase the book?

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Look at the pictures of the authors on some of your favorite books.  Do you notice something about them?  Do they look professional?  What is in the background?  Were they staged?  These are all things to think about when you are ready to publish your own picture.

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