Different Types of Reviews

Reviews.  They are an important part of building your brand and getting your work noticed.  There are four types of reviews.

  1. Consumer Reviews: These are reviews written by your readers.
  2. Manuscript Overviews: These are pre-publication editorial reviews (sometimes known as ARCs)
  3. Editorial Reviews: These are reviews given by a professional in the publishing industry
  4. Peer Reviews: These are reviews by peers in your field (other authors)

Are Reviews Important?

Yes!  Reviews are important.  Let’s say you are shopping online for a new car.  You search through countless information and dealership websites until you find a car you like.  You click on the picture and bam!  At the bottom of the page is a bad review.  “The gears stick when shifting.”  or “Does not get good gas mileage.”  Now you are rethinking about purchasing this car.

The same thing happens when you go to buy a book.  If the book has 100 reviews and 50 of them are not good, would you buy it?  Would other readers’ opinions influence your choice?  I know it would mine.

Reviews have a large impact on the success of your work!

Amazon allows you to enter reviews about your work.  In Author Central, after you claim your work, you can enter editorial reviews.  These are great to have if you are trying to have your work distributed on a wide scale.

Editorial reviews focus mainly on the technical aspects of your work (ie. grammar, punctuation, formatting, etc.).  How many times have you gone to the bookstore (Barnes & Noble for example) and bought a book that had a lot of grammar mistakes?  Supply distributors look for editorial reviews as well as other reviews before placing a published work in their store for purchase.

Call To Action

Go to Amazon and look up one of your favorite books.  What type of reviews are listed?  Look up another favorite by another author.  See any similarities?  Use what you learn when choosing your reviewers (outside of consumer reviews of course.)  You can check out my author page for reference.

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