Do I Need an Amazon Author Page?


As an author, you are not only selling your work but your brand.  When you think of brands, you may be thinking about companies like the following:


You probably recognize quite a few of the brands above.  Each brand you recognize is associated with your impression of that company.  Let’s break this down further.

When you think of Coca-Cola, you wouldn’t necessarily think about stock prices or how they manage their company.  No.  The first thought is about their beverages and whether you like or dislike them.  The same thing happens when a reader associates your brand (your name) with a book.  If they have read something that you wrote and liked, they will have formed a favorable impression about your brand.

As a new author, building your brand is the same thing as building your credibility.  Companies like Microsoft and Samsung share their back stories and other information with their potential customers to establish their credibility.  This is also important for an author.

Amazon offers a free tool for authors to use to show their credibility and build their brand.  This tool is the called Author Central.

Screen Shot of Author Page

This is a screenshot of my author page.  It is also an extension of my author platform.  Both of my published novels are listed as well as the edition type (paperback or kindle).  You can also see my latest blog posts located below Author Updates.

Building your brand is the same as building your credibility.

Call To Action

What is your brand?  What steps have you taken to build your brand?  What is the biggest thing you have learned since you began to build your brand?

Leave a link to your website/blog in the comments below.  Spread the word about your brand while giving advice to others that are trying to establish their own.  

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