What is an Amazon Author Page?

Amazon offers authors a page all their own where they can connect with their readers.  The author page can be considered as an extension of an author’s platform.  It is a place where the reader can read the author’s bio, buy their books, and find links to the author’s website.

An author can also upload pictures, book trailers, promotional videos, and the live feed to their blog posts.  Amazon also allows the author to customize the Author Page URL.

Here is a screenshot of my author page:

Screen Shot of Author Page

As you can see, all of my books (including every version) are listed.  I have a short bio with the link to my website and my latest blog posts.  Let me know what you think about my page.  If you have any tips or advice, I am all ears.

Call To ActionDo you have an Amazon author page or a favorite author with an Amazon author page?  If so, post the link in the comments below.


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