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Hello my friends,

I am about to start posting chapters for Book Three of the Sanctorian Series in Cynthia’s ARC.  But before I do, I need a few more Beta Readers.

What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader reads an unpublished manuscript and gives advice on how to improve a writer’s work.

What would I have to do to be a Beta Reader?

  1. Have an interest in Young Adult Fantasy, particularly the Sanctorian Series
  2. Join Cynthia’s ARC on Facebook
  3. Check in regularly with the FB Group (this is an active group).  This group is dedicated to seeing the success of the Sanctorian Series.  Many beta readers stick with the series from beginning to end.
  4. Read each chapter and provide comments/feedback on initial feelings.  Example of feedback: “I love the character however I feel he needs more physical description. I couldn’t really paint a picture of what he looked like in my mind as I was reading.”

What are the rewards of being a Beta Reader?

Beta Readers are an important part of growing a writer’s skill.  When each book is finished I mention Beta Readers (some by name) in the acknowledgments section of the book.  Also, if the reader has a published work (depending on the genre and compatibility with the intended audience) I will post an excerpt about their work at the end of my novel (i.e.: Check out other great books by…..)

How do I become a Beta Reader?

It’s quite simple.  If you are interested please visit my FB Group and request to join.  Not everyone will be accepted.  I am looking for readers that have a passion for reading YA Fantasy.  If you have a Goodreads account or a blog where you post reviews that would be a plus.

Link to Cynthia’s ARC 

If you have any questions about Beta Reading or wonder if becoming a Beta Reader is the right thing for you, please leave a comment below.

Thank you

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