When The Sun Has Set, No Candle Can Replace It.

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—-An Excerpt From Forsaken: Book Two of the Sanctorian Series—-

Listen to the music as you read.

Cynder takes a flat stone and skips it atop the clear pool, leaving behind ripples that flow outwards and dissipate back into the calm mirror of the water’s surface.  He grabs another stone, one that is near my leg and skips it across the smooth water as he has done many times before.  I lie quietly in the grass and watch as the stone disappears fifty feet from the water’s edge.

Cynder finds another one and starts to flip it over and over in his hand.  His fingers smooth over the sides of the stone as he sits down next to me in the grass.  “You haven’t changed at all, brother.” Cynder says as he tosses the stone into the water.  The stone sinks through the water rather than skipping across the top like the others.  “You are still as hot headed as ever.”  I chuckle at him and place my hands behind my head, allowing the cool breeze of the day to wash over me bringing with it a sense of peace.  The twin moons are on the horizon and beginning to rise as the light of day starts to fade.

“Hot headed or just hot,” I ask through another laugh.  Cynder looks at me and smiles.

“I loved her you know,” he says before standing to face the setting sun across the clear pool.  “That was before.  Let her know that I loved her.” Cynder takes a step towards the water’s edge.  “Take care of our family.”  He walks into the water until it covers his knees.

“Where are you going,” I ask as I pull myself up onto my elbows.

“You will make a good Chief one day, Ronan.  Remember that.”  Cynder turns and walks deeper into the water.  His waist and torso quickly disappear beneath the smooth surface.

“What are you doing,” I yell at him as I jump to my feet.  “Come back.”  His head disappears under the water’s surface until there is nothing left but the calm reflection of the setting sun.

I honestly don’t know what to say.  I love the passage above.  Two brothers, forever separated but always connected.


Forsaken will be released on paperback on April 23rd!!!!  It is already available for download for Kindle users (and free for KU Subscribers).

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