I’ll Be Okay. Is That What You Want Me To Say?

As you read listen to the music.

—-An Excerpt From Forsaken: Book Two of the Sanctorian Series—-

It doesn’t take us long to traverse the path to the river’s edge where the Mantekai of our clan have built the Chief’s pyre.  Sara runs ahead of me to where Theron is waiting and stands by his side.  All my brothers and the other clan members are dressed in brown ceremonial gowns.

Lucas and Tristan walk along the river’s edge searching for smooth stones to throw into the rushing water as they wait for the ascension to begin.  The twins, Hunter and Kalren, finish setting the wood along the base of the pyre.  Other Mantekai have begun to gather for the ascension and gather near Duncan as he leads them to finish preparations.

As the light of day fades away and the twin moons begin to rise, Porter and Theron ignite the torches that will guide the Chief’s spirit along the path of his ascension.  Sara stands near Theron as he lights the final torch.  I walk up to her and stoop down so that we are eye level.

“We have to go now and get the Chief,” I say to her.  The dimples of her cheeks show as she casts me a smile.  I pat down the hair atop her head and lead her over to a spot near the foot of the pyre.  “Be a good girl.  Wait here until we return.”  I turn to leave but she grabs my hand.

“Uncle Ronan,” she says.  “It’s all right.  Theron told me about your father’s ascension.  He said it is a happy time.”  She pulls me back down to her level as she continues to speak.  “If Mommy were here, she would be more worried about you.”

“Oh really,” I reply.  “And why would Lyla worry about me?”

“She would be worried because you haven’t shed a tear for you father,” Sara replies.  “It’s all right to cry, Uncle Ronan.  When someone we love leaves us, it will hurt for a time.  But after a while the hurt fades.”

“Everyone deals with their own grief in their own way, Sara.  The Chief will be missed by everyone in our clan, not just me.”  I turn towards my brothers as they wait for me to join them.

“Everyone will miss the Chief,” Sara says using a tone that I have heard more than once from Lyla.  “But you will miss your father.”

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Forsaken is an epic fantasy between our world (Terra) and Sanctoria.  The characters are complex.  Their relationships are real.  When you read their story, you will enter their world, suffer through their hardships, celebrate their victories, and feel their grief.

War.  Love.  Revenge.  Betrayal.  Grief.  All these things exist in our lives in one form or another.  We can all relate to what the characters are going through.

Even though I wrote the scene above, I still cried at the end of the chapter when the sons set the pyre on fire.  Image a scene at night, under the stars.  The sound of a flowing river and a beating drum.  Weeping.  The feeling of grief in the air.  Eight brothers lose their father.  A wife loses her husband.  A clan loses their leader.  A tragic & unexpected death. Now they have to pick up the pieces and begin again.

You can find out more about the Mantekai by visiting Amazon.  Forsaken is free to download for KindleUnlimited Subscribers.  {Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon!}


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Thoughts Of An Author

Author: Cynthia Brandel

Published author and founder of https://cynthiabrandel.com, Cynthia has captivated the world with her works of fiction including The Sanctorian Series and her latest work, The Revenant City Series. Lover of young adult reads and fantasy reads, Cynthia has transformed her passions into a full-time career.

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