Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening


Most may see a sleeping child in the picture above.

Not me.

I see my child, tired and worn out from building the TeePee he created as the warmth of spring awakens new life within him.  Winters here are cold and confine most people indoors.  For my son, Winter is like doing time in prison.  He loves being outdoors, playing in the dirt or in the garden.  His imagination runs rampant as he creates forts and castles from nothing more than sticks or twigs.

He is a fierce red coat battling against pirates, or an army man fighting against alien invaders.

I love my son!  I love his creativity and his ability to make something from nothing.

I am happy Spring has sprung!  I can’t wait to find out what he will do next!


Author: Cynthia Brandel

Published author and founder of https://cynthiabrandel.com, Cynthia has captivated the world with her works of fiction including The Sanctorian Series and her latest work, The Revenant City Series. Lover of young adult reads and fantasy reads, Cynthia has transformed her passions into a full-time career.

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