You Are Not My Enemy

In the middle of Chapter 21 of Forsaken is a passage I thought I would share.  I really like this passage because it reveals a little more of Thane’s character.  I hope you enjoy.

Walking up to the glass door, I peer through the dimly lit window.  Bones sits at the table with Ronan.  They are immersed in conversation.  I go to grab the knob and enter the small store.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  I was able to contain the wolf earlier, but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to do it again.”  Prince Thanark stands in the shadows of the shop’s corner.

“What are you doing here?” I ask readying myself for an attack.

“I’m not here to fight.” He leans against the wall of the store and places his hand in the front pocket of his grey hoodie.  “It was you, wasn’t it?”

“What was me?” I ask.

“You helped her escape,” he replies.  “I knew she couldn’t have gotten away from the palace on her own.  I knew someone had to help her.”  I nod to let him know that he is correct.  “Let me guess, you are….”  I go to answer, but he holds his hand up to stop me.  “No.  Let me guess.  You are Joel, right?”

“How did you know?” I ask.

“Lyla told me all about you and Angel,” he replies.  “I’m sorry for your loss, friend.”

“I’m not your friend,” I reply flatly.

“No. I guess not.  But you’re not my enemy either.”

Forsaken will be available in Paperback on April 23rd!!!

Thoughts Of An Author

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Author: Cynthia Brandel

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