Two Weeks Left…….


The release of Forsaken on Paperback is right around the corner.

One of my favorite excepts from Forsaken:

My screams are lost in the storm as Adam tightens his grip on my arms.  “Thomas stop,” I shriek while watching helplessly as the sword slices through the flesh of Cynder’s torso.  The roar of thunder cracks through the air deafening my cries.  Cynder falls to the ground, sinking his knees deep into the mud.  His face is stained with a mixture of blood and dirt as the rain flows from the heavy dark clouds overhead.

Cynder’s hands grip his stomach, his gaze meeting mine.  His blue eyes, once full of love and happiness, begin to glaze over as his face pales.

“Cynder!”  I shove Adam away, but his hold on my arms is too strong.  “Let me go!  Cynder!  Cynder!”  Time slows as Thomas positions himself behind Cynder, readying his bloodied sword for a fatal strike.  Cynder’s mouth forms a familiar smirk, one I have seen countless times sincewe were reunited, while he awaits the end.

Check out Book One: Forbidden on MyWebsite, Goodreads, or Amazon


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