Set Goals and Work Towards Them

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“We will be lucky to reach the council alive at this rate,” Tristan says as he ties the empty water skin to his side.  Sweat falls down the side of his face as he stares off in the distance towards the red hill on the horizon.

“We’ve come this far,” Porter replies taking the headband from his head.  He wrings the band, twisting it over and over in his hands, until the last drop of sweat has fallen to the wet marsh at our feet.  He replaces the band, tying it atop his brow.  “There is no reason to stop mid-way.”

Pulling off my drenched shirt, I wrap it around my head, turban style, and tighten my pack against my pack.  “We better get moving if we are going to make it by nightfall,” I tell my brothers as I lead the way toward the red spec in the distance.

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—-An excerpt from Forgotten: Book Three of the Sanctorian Series—-

In the third addition to the Sanctorian Series, Ronan must undergo a trial by the Council of Chiefs.  He and his brothers undergo a long strenuous journey to the Bleeding Hills, where the Chiefs reside.

I was thinking about Ronan’s character and how determined he must be to march through poisonous marsh lands in barely tolerable conditions.  Ronan was more than determined.  He was driven by the goal he had set for himself.

Here are a few tips for setting your own goals:

  • Be realistic.  Don’t choose an unobtainable goal.
  • Be specific but flexible with the steps you will take to reach your desired outcome.
  • Challenge yourself with deadlines.  Break your goal down into small pieces that you can commit to.
  • Get a goal buddy.  Have a friend hold you accountable.  It is easy to make up excuses when you are not held to a higher standard.
  • Eliminate excuses.  If you miss a step or fall behind then reassess your current situation.
  • Celebrate the small victories.  Every step closer to your goal is a battle won!



What are some goals that you have set for yourself this year?


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