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My inspiration for Lyla

Lyla Starborn, AKA Princess Lyla, is the fifth born and youngest heir in the Produrai hierarchy.  She was born on Sanctoria, a world with three races of people constantly at war with each other.

Lyla’s two brothers, Malekai and Evander, ascended (died) more than a decade before she was born, and her two older sisters (being much older than her) have never spent time with her.  Lyla’s mother, the Queen, is icy towards her, leaving Lyla to grow up lonely and without a parental figure.

Being born a Princess, Lyla will have certain obligations when she comes of age.  She is expected to fulfill her role as one of the royal bloodline and take her place within the community.  Although this may sound enticing to some, to Lyla this seems more like slavery.

Lyla goes through many obstacles when she leaves the community.  With the help of an unexpected enemy turned alley, Lyla hides among the Terrans avoiding capture.  She finds happiness on Terra only to lose it once again.

Lyla’s story, beginning in Forbidden: Book One of the Sanctorian Series, starts off  sad and lonely.  She shuns the customs of her own people to live in a world of beauty and wonder.  Lyla will face not only the ill fated love for her enemy but also the revenge of a prince whose main objective in life is the genocide of the Produrai people.

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Published by Cynthia Brandel

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