Don’t Wait Until You Are Ready!

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“There are so many authors in the world today, it is impossible for me to get noticed.  My books will never hit it as big as JK Rowlings or Bella Forrest.  Why should I bother?”

These are the thoughts I initially had before I published my book.  Nay-saying is a quick way to kill your self esteem.  I found myself in a negative spiral.  My first book was published, and I had sold only a handful of copies (mostly to family).  Marketing and using social platforms were foreign concepts. Everything was new territory, undiscovered lands, and I was scared.  Scared of change?  Scared of the unknown?  Who knows!

In a world where everyone (even yourself) tells you that you can’t do it, it is easy to give up-throw in the towel-before you even get started.  I needed motivation. I needed someone to kick me in the butt for all the negativity I was throwing at myself.  I needed to redirect my focus and remember why I started writing in the first place.

While surfing YouTube looking for some motivation I discovered a clip.  Peter Dinklage was invited as a guest speaker for a graduating class.  His speech inspired me!  The next thing I know, my writer’s block is gone, the negativity I was feeling toward myself disappeared, and my outlook on what I was doing changed.

A good writer doesn’t write for others.  A good writer writes for their love of writing.

If you are an inspiring artist, author, actor, etc, I encourage you to keep fighting for what you want in life.  Only you can change your life.  If you want to live differently, you need to work for it.  Nothing comes for free.  At the end of the struggle, you will see the light.

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