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My Inspiration for Cynder’s Character
His dark brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean, Cynder is a hottie!!!  He can make any girl swoon with his signature smirk of a smile.  He is the second oldest of the nine Mantekai brothers.  The Mantekai are a race of Sanctorians with shifter abilites.
Cynder takes flight as an owl in search for Lyla, his bonded mate.  His feathers seem to emit a slight glow in the dark of night.  His eyes are the same color as the sea with the exception of the gold flakes around the irises.  The larger outer feathers of his wings are the color of pearl while the under feathers are white with a bluish tint.
Cynder grew up in the forests of Sanctoria.  As a child, he ventured near the Produrai palace where he first met Lyla.  He and Ronan, the eldest Mantekai brother, share a unique love-hate relationship.  Ronan is Cynder’s favorite out of all his other brothers.
Cynder has mastered archery and hunting skills.  When his family moves to Terra, he wanders throughout the world for weeks at a time in search for Lyla.
Although Cynder and Lyla are reunited, they are ripped apart again by an unexpected situation.  Cynder and Lyla’s love flows throught their veins due to the forbidden blood bond they shared as children.  Although their story is short, Cynder’s memory and influence will help to shape the outcome of the Sanctorian War.
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